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The UX of the Future

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We are trying to save Thursday’s articles for a deeper or broader look at the HF/E world. There was a conference last November that focused on the future of UX. I just found the transcript of a panel discussion where some of the thought leaders in this field opined about what they saw in our futures. I thought I would share and open these ideas up to your thought.

It’s 2024. You’ve just finished your UX education and you’re at the graduation party your parents have thrown for you. An old friend of theirs tells you that he has one word for you as you consider your future. What is it and why?

Introducing the newest member of the team… France Jackson

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I am France Jackson a UX researcher and designer. I received both my Bachelor’s and Master’s from Clemson University in Industrial Engineering. Recently, I transferred to the University of Florida to finish my Ph.D in Human-Centered Computing. Now I am proud to add EID website content manager to my list of titles.

My personal mission is to create products and experiences that make “sense”. It is my goal to integrate ergonomic concepts with innovative design principles. I like to create user-centered designs that integrate technology and popular culture. Projects that I work on involve areas such as video gaming, news and media content, other forms of media such as camera arrays, perceptual computing and fashion.

Airline Terminal with bored passengers at O'Hare Airport

Airline Gamification

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I am not sure how many of you are familiar with The Intelligence Group, but they put out a daily newsletter describing some interesting and promising innovations they find through a large network of spotters (kind of like we are trying to do with Barrett Caldwell’s Scouts).

The Feb 11 issue described three gamification ideas that airlines have launched recently in an attempt to engage passengers, improve their experience, increase their loyalty, and perhaps develop some brand advocates. Rather than describe the actual designs, I am going to ideate a little on what they could be (working on the vain assumption that I know more than the airlines do about gamification and customer experience).

a stack of engineering papers

Design Principles Over Standards

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Principles are better than standards in UX design, according to this article by Peter Hornsby at UX Matters.

For a long time, I’ve been an advocate of creating standards, guidelines, and patterns as a way of achieving design consistency within a large organization. While these do offer significant benefits, they also introduce a number of problems into the design process…