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Prada Luggage

Luggage 2.0

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If I were to ask you the top 10 features you would like added to your luggage, what comes to mind? Are any of these on your list: Bluetooth enabled lock you can open with your phone (so you don’t need to remember a code). GPS tracking (so you can find it if you lose it, it gets stolen, or if the airline loses it) Built in scale (to make sure it fits TSA limits or as an ergonomic double check for your back safety)…


Guerrilla Wayfinding

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One of the wisest pieces of design advice I have heard is that user centered design is not about letting the user design the system. It should focus on finding out your user’s pain points and needs and workarounds and preferences. Then have skilled HF and UX designers turn that wealth of information into a design.

Man riding bicycle

Turn Signal Bicycle Gloves

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Zackees has developed a new product that might be of interest to anyone in the product design, safety, or surface transportation areas. It is a pair of turn signal gloves for bicyclist that light up along the side when briefly held together. A blinking turn signal pulses at the back of your hand, letting motorists know you’re going to turn or pass, and on which side.

A circuit that lights the gloves brightens when sensors and a set of metal rivets connect. The metal rivets click when they do connect, giving you extra feedback so you know they’ve activated. Holding your thumb and pointer finger together starts the blinking turn indicator. The light turns off when you separate the rivets, or after a preset time so you don’t burn through the batteries because the rivets happen to touch in storage.