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Chubby Noodle and Fat Noodle Logos

Is Fat the Same as Chubby?

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We have discussed the importance of human factors in trademark disputes a few times here on EID. But this one is so good I couldn’t resist bringing it up. Noodles Raw Catering, the parent company of two Chubby Noodle restaurants in the city, is accusing Saison Group LLC of engaging in trademark infringement by picking the name Fat Noodle for its forthcoming Chinese eatery, the San Francisco Chronicle reported. The proposed logo for the new restaurant, which shows a stylized bowl of noodles, is also…

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Amazon Search Engine Trademark Infringement

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This trademark infringement case against Amazon is a great example of the importance of understanding the user.

MTM said it could be harmed because a potential buyer might be confused and believe there’s some affiliation between the company and the products listed, leading consumers to buy competitors’ watches.