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Time Management with a Creative Twist

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Timeful is a time management app that has recently been acquired by Google. What sets Timeful apart (depending of course on what Google does with them) from the dozens of other time management apps in the mobileverse is that it recognizes that we never seem to get around to those activities that we want to do but can’t fit into our schedules. For some of us, that might be some personal time with the family. For others it is time to exercise. There are many possibilities. But where do we put it?

Timeful allows you to list these activities and have the app recommend one when there is enough of a gap in your formal schedule to squeeze it in. I learned about this from Monica Joshi at BigThink. Whenever an hour of free time turns up, Timeful will suggest squeezing in that workout. A similar function allows the user to add in recommended breaks whenever the user is doing one activity for an extended amount of time. This could be a mental break when the user is mentally fatigued or a walk around the office when the user has been sitting for too long.