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man drawing procedure diagram


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Back in the days when I was active in IIE, I used to talk to Kevin McManus all the time. These days, it is all I can do to follow his great articles on Linked In Pulse. I want to share his latest one on procedures. Kevin shares some of the history of procedures and how they have evolved over the decades. My Take In my experience, we have a love/hate relationship with procedures. We recognize that they have major benefits. They help us standardize…

a worker dangling from a rope during a safety drill

Safety Design Means Understanding the Details

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A worker falls from a high ledge. As a responsible and careful worker, he had his fall recovery system properly attached. The controls were attached to his belt, so all he had to do was hit the “Retract” button and he would be pulled back up to the anchor point. Unfortunately, he was incapacitated. And his co-workers up on the roof couldn’t access the controls. It is easy for us with the 20/20 vision of hindsight to pass judgment and say that fall recovery systems should have controls in both locations – with the worker and at the anchor point. But there are many more situations…