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a car crash

Modeling Driver Steering

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This research is not quite ready for the market, but has a lot of potential to improve driver safety.

The ability to predict what a driver is going to do in the near future and to be able to prepare the car’s system for this sounds a little bit like science fiction, and it would naturally be a dream come true for the safety departments at car manufacturers. The dream is now one step closer to becoming reality…

a cat in a suitcase

Air Travel and Carry On Luggage

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Everyone has at least a few good carry-on luggage stories. First, there are the abusers. The person who had live chickens in a shopping bag (I really heard that on the news once!), the duffel bag that could fit full length skis and poles. It’s amazing what people try to get away with. Then we have the travel-lights…

a pile of sim cards for cell phones

Global Mobility

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I have recently discovered the Daily Tech News Show and I have become a real fanboy. Last week, there was a great segment on how to get mobile access when you travel internationally. The conversation was largely n=1; they shared personal experiences or those they had heard about from friends and family. But these informal evaluations really focused on some key UX issues…

lots of clothing hangers

Simple but Clever and Effective: True Ergonomics

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This design caught my eye for so many reasons. The designer has a real user pain point that he wants to ease.

Maximizing space in a small closet requires a MacGyver-like resourcefulness. Luckily, the meccas of home organization (The Container Store, Bed Bath and Beyond) carry myriad tools for squeezing storage space out of every square inch. But when it comes to making clothes hangers more efficient, things get clumsy: Tiered clothes hangers, the ones meant for vertically stacking several pairs of pants, tend to be unwieldy, need to hook into place, and can’t accommodate shirts…

a large red F on a report card

“Easier” Can Be a More Powerful Value Proposition than “Better”

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This really resonated with me, even though I had never heard of Pinterest Fail before.

My sort of thing is more like… how can I do something foolproof, cheap, and low-effort that will make me or my family/guests smile?

This is the value proposition that gets me up every day. I don’t follow Martha Stewart’s advice, no matter how beautiful it could make my apartment. I watch the Iron Chef, but I have never been tempted to put that much effort into a meal. And I know I am not alone. (Raise your hands – I know you are out there).

a modern airplane interior

Airplane Seating in Economy That Doesn’t Feel That Way

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Wow. These airplane seating ideas seem so simple after scanning through them. And yet they haven’t been done before so I guess they are not just common sense. Rack up another victory for smart design by smart designers.

The Meerkat is a concept design for long haul economy class seating that enhances passenger experience while minimizing weight and maintenance costs…

An image of smart watch next to a smart phone.

Do Smartwatches Satisfy a Real User Need or Just a Fun Novelty?

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WIRED magazine recently had a story suggesting that Google is the company that can succeed with smartwatches where others have failed. I completely agree with their justification, but I am still not convinced about the smart watch. “Amidst speculation that Apple’s long-fabled iWatch might in fact be a health-specific wristband, Android Wear is clearly aiming for something much bigger.”…

Image of a MakerBot Replicator 2 with example printed objects including a skull, diamond, and landing gear

3D Printing, Unexpected Consequences, and User Experience

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Is this something that you would appreciate as a user? “The startup KeyMe, which says it’s trying to bring “innovation” to the locksmith industry, has launched a partnership with the 3-D printing marketplace Shapeways to let people print copies of their own keys on demand.”…