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a room full of airplane seats

Custom Airplane Seating

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buy lisinopril Fast Company had an article last month that triggered an idea. The original talks about adjustable seating in airplanes that could be more customized than what we have now. They would be set on tracks in the floor so they could move back and forth. When you reserve your seat, you input how much legroom you want so when you get on the plane it is adjusted accordingly…

a air plane seat that resembles a bicycle seat

Airbus Files for Bicycle Seat Patent

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The other commenters on this article, such as by my good friend Charles Mauro, have said enough about the poor ergonomics of Airbus’s bicycle seat patent.

The seat design featured in the patent is barbarically sparse, without even basic necessities like a backrest, tray tables or any leg room to speak of. In fact, the seats don’t even appear to function like seats; instead they are designed to prop up the flyer in an awkward semi-upright position to reduce the space required between rows.

But let’s think outside the box here. What if instead of the bicycle seat, we had a spinning class flight?

a modern airplane interior

Airplane Seating in Economy That Doesn’t Feel That Way

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Wow. These airplane seating ideas seem so simple after scanning through them. And yet they haven’t been done before so I guess they are not just common sense. Rack up another victory for smart design by smart designers.

The Meerkat is a concept design for long haul economy class seating that enhances passenger experience while minimizing weight and maintenance costs…