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Who Thought There Was So Much to Work Footwear?

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I was reading through Industrial Safety and Hygiene News and I came across this article about work shoes by Mark Reilly. I have been in the safety area for a long time and I have dealt with provisioning and analyzing work shoes for particular work activities many times. But this article jumped out at me as a great primer for anyone who has not, but might need to some day. He quickly summarizes some of the features that are worth considering.

Once made of stiff leathers and bulky steel toes to protect feet from fallen objects and crush injuries, today’s work boots are sleeker, faster and more protective than ever…

a worker dangling from a rope during a safety drill

Safety Design Means Understanding the Details

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A worker falls from a high ledge. As a responsible and careful worker, he had his fall recovery system properly attached. The controls were attached to his belt, so all he had to do was hit the “Retract” button and he would be pulled back up to the anchor point. Unfortunately, he was incapacitated. And his co-workers up on the roof couldn’t access the controls. It is easy for us with the 20/20 vision of hindsight to pass judgment and say that fall recovery systems should have controls in both locations – with the worker and at the anchor point. But there are many more situations…

an image of a building collapse

Bangladesh Factory Disaster – What Have We Done for Safety?

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The Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh, which killed over a thousand workers, is now more than a year ago and faded from the public eye. Has anything changed? Luckily, safety professionals, unions, industry leaders, and government regulators have been hard at work creating some new regulations for safety at Bangladeshi factories. A great update can be found in the June issue of Industrial Safety and Hygiene News.

For the first time in any global supply chain, genuinely independent inspections of garment factories are identifying and correcting life safety hazards that have killed hundreds of Bangladesh garment workers in recent years…

two men washing the windows of a tall building

Safety, Risk Taking, and . . . Mating Rituals?

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A good way to identify the risks that might emerge at your workplace is to consider what would be salient to our ancestors in the ritual mating dance. While showing off now involves crazy selfies and YouTube videos (selfeos?), we spent generations showing off by braving heights and swimming in deep waters and approaching fierce animals. According to a recent study, it turns out that these risks are so ingrained that we are still more likely to take ancient risks when we are in the mood to show off our skill and derring-do than modern risks like driving without a seat belt or ignoring PPE (which we still do, but for other reasons)…

work gloves

First Responder Gloves

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When choosing a work glove, there are several criteria that need to be considered to optimize the combination of performance and safety. Too often, a worker will remove a glove that degrades his or her touch sensitivity or fine motor control and get cut, burned, or electrocuted as a result. OSHA has a good guide for general considerations like thermal protection, touch sensitivity, tear and puncture resistance, and other criteria…

a rendering of an intersection showing striped crosswalks and sidewalks

Designing for Pedestrian Safety

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I am really curious what you think about this fundamental rethink of the pedestrian crossing. It was designed by an architectural firm in San Francisco where there is an average of 3 pedestrians hit by cars every day.

A firm called Ogrydziak Prillinger Architects is trying to reduce accidents by rethinking how people get from one side of the street to the other. The company … has come up with a network of pedestrian lanes and planters that blur the usual boundaries ­between walkers and drivers…