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Trash Can fillled with food


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This might be an example of the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon , but the day after I wrote the article about precycling , I came across this Cassandra Daily (from The Intelligence Group) about upcycling . Upcycling is to take your waste and do something with it that is more value-adding than standard recycling. The Cassandra Daily highlighted three examples from the food industry.

Dumpster diving freegans are no longer the only ones making good use of rubbish bin scraps. Similar to how the nose-to-tail movement has seen butchers and carnivores become more mindful about meat consumption, new initiatives that utilize would-be food waste in creative ways are inspiring diners to think twice before tossing leftovers.

rubbermaid plasticware

Design for Precycling

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Many companies pay lip service to their green initiatives, maximizing the marketing benefits of eco-friendly practices rather than trying to establish real reductions in their environmental impact. Sad, but unfortunately true. According to the UN Global Compact on Climate Change, we are getting pretty close to the point of no return in the amount of damage that is building up, so it is rewarding to see some product design trends that can have a real positive benefit.

One bold new supermarket chain in Berlin, called Original Unverpackt, is cutting through this misleading practice by going green the old-fashioned, and sometimes difficult, way: selling everything in bulk and allowing customers to bring their own containers.