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Taking a Stand

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Today’s post is a great example of an integrative insight. This is the phenomenon in which two ostensibly separate events in distinct domains lead to a more general conclusion. It is different from inspiration – in which an idea in one design triggers an idea in another. It is the fundamental integration of the two that makes it special.

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Competing “Feel Good” Incentives

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As many of you know, much of my work focuses on user motivation and self-delusion, and how we can design user experiences that account for both of these. A recent study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences led by Adam Waytz at Kellogg School of Management brings all of these together in an interesting situation.

This research demonstrates a fundamental cognitive bias driving such conflict intractability: Adversaries attribute their ingroup’s actions to ingroup love more than outgroup hate and attribute their outgroup’s actions to outgroup hate more than ingroup love…