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The Emotional Benefits of Sitting

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The response to our two articles (so far) on sitting versus standing at work, the first on standing desks and the second on a total reconceptualization of the workplace to support leaning instead of either sitting or standing was off the charts. Every LinkedIn group got responses from ergonomists, productivity specialists, and people with personal experience. We even got comments directly on the articles here on the EID site (which doesn’t always happen).

Standing Desk

Standing Desks

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Standing desks seem to be one of those movements that have developed an irresistible momentum. No data needed. They instinctively resonate as a good idea. A no brainer. Why would we need any research to back it up? Sedentary lifestyles are killing us, causing obesity, diabetes, back pain . . . so standing must be better.

If it wasn’t already clear through common sense, it’s become painfully clear through science that sitting all day is terrible for your health. What’s especially alarming about this evidence is that extra physical activity doesn’t seem to offset the costs of what researchers call “prolonged sedentary time.” Just as jogging and tomato juice don’t make up for a night of smoking and drinking, a little evening exercise doesn’t erase the physical damage done by a full work day at your desk.