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Philanthropic Decisions

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Today I am going completely around the circle. I found a report that applies human factors to philanthropic management. So I am going to apply HF to philanthropic management and back to HF. Or something like that.

many of our decisions rely on mental shortcuts or “cognitive traps,”
which can lead us to make uninformed or even bad decisions.2
Shortcuts provide time-pressured
staff with simple ways of making decisions and managing complex strategies that play
out an uncertain world. These shortcuts affect how we access information, what information
we pay attention to, what we learn, and whether and how we apply what we learn. Like all
organizations, foundations and the people who work in them are subject to these same traps.

Black Hat Design

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I ranted a while ago about the design approach of the viral “oops” in which the design misleads the user into doing something (like clicking or ) that gets the content shared throughout his or her network. For example, have you ever saw an article on your newsfeed in Facebook that had an interesting sounding title, clicked on it, and then discovered it was cheap marketing? You immediately click and go on about your business. But in the meanwhile, the Facebook algorithm assumes you liked…