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Brain Nebula

Reducing attention blink with brain stimulation

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As usual, getting the email with the latest papers appearing in the Human Factors journal is a great part of my day. The January announcement was no different. You know that I am interested in brain stimulation and often share advances from the neuroscience journals that I read. It was very rewarding to see one in Human Factors. And the extra benefit is that it is already focused on human factors applications so describing its usefulness is much easier.is interrupted. The authors determine whether transcranial…

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Work-Life Balance: Blending of our Lives

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I hope you all had a great and valuable experience at the HFES Annual Meeting last week. At the User Experience Day Future Visions panel, we speculated about what the future will look like. One of the trends I pointed to in my remarks is the blending of our work and non-work lives. People have always been taking work home with them at night. But the trend is clearly increasing and in many ways. Now we have full access to our workplace, work materials, and coworkers at home through our smart devices. And we also spend work time shopping online and watching YouTube…