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a model of a small kitchen

Crowdsourcing Microapartments

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First Build is a crowdsourcing platform that works with companies to facilitate R&D. The advantage to the company is that the time from concept to working model is radically shortened. The crowd gets a percent of revenue. In one pilot project, GE Appliances submitted a project for innovations on its washing machine and I think the crowd got 1% of revenue for three years…

a small apartment

Incredible MicroApartment in the Netherlands

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A team of incredibly innovative design students at TU Delft in The Netherlands designed this micro apartment with a single room that is customizably configurable for different functions at the touch of a button (or manually if the user prefers). Flexible polypropylene panels don’t just move around to shift square footage among rooms, they also bend and rotate to become the furniture itself.

The Swiss Army knife of apartment designs provides 1,000 square feet of living space in an apartment half the size…