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a hamburger

The Value Proposition of Thinking in Round Numbers

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Today’s topic, the Dollar Menu. We see these are many fast food restaurants. But it turns out, it was a big mistake to create these. It was inevitable that inflation would make anything in this category as a losing proposition for the restaurant. We saw the serving size get smaller and smaller, but there is only so far that can take us. But the restaurants found themselves unable to change the menu to the “Dollar and ten cents menu.” The round number of the Dollar had created a strong mental schema of the value proposition that a dollar ten just couldn’t match…

an old photo of an A1 sauce billboard

The Power of Priming on Mental Models

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I have always been interested in the power of priming (see for example here and here. What fascinates me about it is that the primes don’t have to be related in any way to the behavior you want to evoke. So it is no surprise that companies try to leverage this in their marketing. This example is a great one…