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Lifting a heavy box

Increasing Lift Strength with a Simple Idea

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This is an example of an ergonomic development that innovates by taking a novel perspective on an old problem. A team of researchers at Hiroshima University wanted to develop a low cost version of the exoskeleton suits that provide hydraulic or pneumatic power to help people lift extraordinary loads. But theirs accomplishes a similar feat with regular cloth and no electronic devices. How do they achieve this feat of magic?

A prototype for wearable equipment to support human motion has now been developed. This wearable equipment, called the Sensorimotor Enhancing Suit (SEnS), enhances sensorimotor functions by reducing the muscle load of the upper limbs. SEnS is inexpensive because it is made of flexible fabrics using regular cloth and does not include any electronic devices. SEnS assists human sensorimotor functions and improves the quality of life of not only elderly individuals but also healthy people who work under extreme conditions.