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Team Thinking Types

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There are many roles that we may serve on a work team. There is the team leader of course. This is often the only one formally assigned. There also might be the project manager who keeps track of schedules and action items. There also might be a team historian who is in charge of bringing up the past – what has worked, what has failed, what was decided, what was rejected, and so on.

We therefore propose that just as team members today have assigned doing roles, there should also be thinking roles. By knowing how other members of your team and organization think — and by others knowing how you think — everyone can be more energized, more engaged, more creative, and more productive.

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Salient Myth versus Quiet Reality

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As I am sure many of you know, we learn through differences. This is why extreme examples in our experience stick in our minds whereas average and typical experiences blend into the background. When learning a new schema, we see how it is different from other things we know and define it according to those differences.

Unfortunately, that can get us into trouble, semantically speaking. When something stands out we remember it better. And then subsequently we suffer from availability bias. The exceptions are what come to mind most easily and we jump to the incorrect conclusion that they are the most common.

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Leaders and Ethics

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Jessica Kennedy, from Vanderbilt University’s School of Management, is interviewed by Laura Geller in the Strategy + Business Thought Leadership column on how this applies to team leadership and management. And in a way I would not have expected.

Kennedy has researched the origin of unethical behavior, and why it takes hold. She has found that the whole story is more complex. It’s not always about power corrupting. Rather, power causes people to identify so strongly with their group that they lose sight of whether that group’s actions cross an ethical line. This identification can lead them to support misconduct, rather than stopping its spread.

Taking a Stand

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Today’s post is a great example of an integrative insight. This is the phenomenon in which two ostensibly separate events in distinct domains lead to a more general conclusion. It is different from inspiration – in which an idea in one design triggers an idea in another. It is the fundamental integration of the two that makes it special.

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Best Places To Work

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Fortune Magazine recently published its annual 100 Best Companies to Work For issue. This is important to all of us, because we spend so many hours of our lives each week working. That is why we have covered workplace design and teleworking here at EID.

Now … drumroll, please! … Our winner for my Best Company to Work For is an organization that enjoys a strong leader, very clear goals, a truly disruptive vision focused on growth, with high stakes, and when the day is done, it’s Stoli time.