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a page of the dictionary seen through a lens

An Evolving Lexicon and the Meaning of Words

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I think it is a very useful practice to introduce new words into the lexicon that either describe concepts that didn’t previously exist (because of changes in technology or culture) or that streamline the discussion of concepts that were hard to describe otherwise. Engineers do a lot of both kinds, but so do cultural icons. And it is not often that engineers and pop stars have something in common. Here are a few examples I heard this week…

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Twitter Influencers

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Neil Patel over at the Social Media Examiner had an interesting take on the Pew Research Group’s study of Twitter conversations.

Influencers are the glue of Twitter networks, providing tweet fodder and inspiring passion among followers. Conversations don’t exist without them, and their position within networks is a critical component of their influence…

a father and child using the computer together

Intergenerational Games: A New Form of Edugames

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I really loved reading this article on Annie Murphy Paul’s Brilliant Report. Since I consider myself an ardent follower of the education research and the gaming domain, I am kind of embarrassed that I am not more familiar with the research on intergenerational games.

“Electric Racer,” intended to improve the literacy skills of children aged six to nine, is one of a new crop of intergenerational educational games, designed to be played by grownups and kids together…

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The Ethics of Performance versus Principle

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This is another metric tradeoff that is of great interest to me, both professionally and philosophically. What do you do when your design process is faced with a tradeoff between two options: one that will work better but violates a principle that you think is important (but is not formally illegal or unethical) and one that works less well but has no such violations? This is top of mind with me this morning because of a debate we are having in Boston about P2P parking apps like Haystack. If you are unfamiliar with these apps, they allow someone who is leaving a parking spot to announce it on the app network and someone looking for a spot can grab it, for a fee of course.

a person touching a device screen with one finger

Guest Post: Interapparability: The Mind as Playground for Interaction

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Today we are taking a break from our usual schedule to present this thought-provoking piece by Peter Hancock. Peter is a past President of HFES and is currently a professor at the University of Central Florida. I am sitting here, writing this my first blog in the Florida Mall, just outside the two major computer stores, where I have been perusing and contemplating the various touch-activated devices that lie between the traditional laptop and the emerging smartphone. From my perspective, all of these offerings are lamentably slow in their response capacities. Not only do they stutter under my traveling fingers, they are abhorrently inhibitive of cross interaction…

Human Robot Interaction

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I was listening to this week’s episode of On The Media and this story struck me as being a critical insight for designing the human-robot interaction of the future. “Sgt. Star is the army’s robot. Specifically, he’s a chatbot designed to influence potential recruits to enlist in the US Army…”