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For this week’s Human Factors in History, I went back to the 1920s to a book on the development of expertise. As you know, I am passionately interested in this topic. I am an advocate of Scott Barry Kaufman’s approach, which he shares quite extensively in his book Ungifted. But little did I know that a similar approach had been proposed as early as 1920 by Catharine Cox who had studied eminent scholars from the 15th through 19th centuries. Now THAT is a historical perspective!…


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I looked back at my pile of papers waiting to be dealt with (Do you have a pile like that? I have several!) and I discovered a great summer topic for our psychology post this week. Back in the fall, Julie Beck published a literature buy Seroquel 300mg in The Atlantic that I think you will find intriguing. And depending on your ethics, perhaps useful. (That got your attention, didn’t it?)

Choose your own adventure: You’re at a party, trying to have a good time, when someone brings up War and Peace. Finding yourself caught in the middle of a conversation about a book you haven’t read, do you: (A) listen quietly, (B) leave the area, or (C) say something about the book anyway, in an effort to seem smart?When 2,000 Britons were polled last year about tactics they’d used to try to appear more intelligent, 62 percent of them confessed to having chosen option C.