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Homeless Man

Urban Environmental Design

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Since the HFES Annual Meeting this year is in Los Angeles, we thought we would take EID there for this week’s innovation Monday article. Specifically, to a new development in Los Angeles’ Skid Row neighborhood that shows a level of attention to the complete resident experience that is unusual in housing developments for the homeless. It was written up in the Most Innovative Companies issue of Fast Company that we have been featuring, although it was not on the official list, perhaps because it is not run by a private sector company. But it is still an example of innovative design and good human factors.

“There are still people who think we should isolate these individuals on the outskirts of town,” he says. “What we’re doing is part of a much larger movement. Affordable housing needs to be much more integrated in the physical fabric of the city you need to integrate other supportive services in the building to help create a bridge for these individuals back into culture. You can’t just give them an apartment and expect things to work out.”