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a skyline view of a city in estonia

Electronic Residency in E-Estonia

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I am not sure if this is on your radar but I think it is really cool.

An e-resident will be a physical person who has received the e-resident’s digital identity (smart ID-card) from the Republic of Estonia.

It enables you to access Estonia government services online and smooths out the ability to conduct business in Estonia and throughout the European Union…

an example of an electronic voting system

Electronic Democracy: A Fundamentally New Form of Democracy using HF Design

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I am not going to do the fantastic proposal put forward by Dirk Knemeyer in his new book. I say fantastic not because I think it will work as described. But because it has some great ideas that with some modifications, evolution, trial and error, and perhaps some time, just might improve the devolution we are seeing in the current government. As the saying goes, it’s crazy enough that it just might work.

It is just possible that we are reaching the nadir of the existing democratic process in the United States, an environment of toxicity and partisanship that shows no sign of softening. Coincidentally we are also at a moment where technology enables the tantalizing potential to reconsider the way our government is structured…