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Lego Color Bricks


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I am just catching up on some old Wired Magazine reading and I found this gem in the Mr. Know-It-All advice column. A parent wrote in asking if he should motivate his daughter to clean up her Legos by instructing her to sort them by color when putting them away. This was intended to make it more interesting. So why not let your kid decide? Let her dictate the system. Let there be a different system every time. That will generate excitement about cleaning up,…

Airline Terminal with bored passengers at O'Hare Airport

Airline Gamification

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I am not sure how many of you are familiar with The Intelligence Group, but they put out a daily newsletter describing some interesting and promising innovations they find through a large network of spotters (kind of like we are trying to do with Barrett Caldwell’s Scouts).

The Feb 11 issue described three gamification ideas that airlines have launched recently in an attempt to engage passengers, improve their experience, increase their loyalty, and perhaps develop some brand advocates. Rather than describe the actual designs, I am going to ideate a little on what they could be (working on the vain assumption that I know more than the airlines do about gamification and customer experience).

two people learning at a computer together

Persuasive Design in On-line Education

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Ali Rushdan Tariq had a really interesting piece on Nir and Far last month for those interested in persuasive design. It is a review of the education platform Udemy and the design techniques they use to hook users to sign up for more and more courses, even if they never actually attend. “As I clicked the big green “Take This Course” button, I became acutely aware of an uneasy feeling. This would be the 22nd course I’d have signed up for on Udemy.com…”