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Prada Luggage

Luggage 2.0

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If I were to ask you the top 10 features you would like added to your luggage, what comes to mind? Are any of these on your list: Bluetooth enabled lock you can open with your phone (so you don’t need to remember a code). GPS tracking (so you can find it if you lose it, it gets stolen, or if the airline loses it) Built in scale (to make sure it fits TSA limits or as an ergonomic double check for your back safety)…

Image of the MailChimp logo

Great Example of User Centered Design in Action

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I read the Mail Chimp newsletter, even though I am not a customer, because they occasionally have articles that talk about the human factors issues related to email newsletters. I enjoyed the latest issue because it narrated the story of their design process for Release 9.0, a mistake they made in modifying the functionality, and how they recovered from it…