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Amazon Dash

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The Amazon Dash announcement has been making the rounds of social media memes, so I am sure you have seen it. But I want to provoke perhaps a more skeptical consideration. By now, you are probably familiar with the basic workings and the business model. And as HF pros, you probably have some insights on the behavioral science behind it.

The Dash Button is a bite-sized plastic module that you can stick anywhere you might want to impulse-restock a particular product (presumably in your home). It connects to Wi-Fi. You push it. Goods are shipped to your door. The buttons will be free for Prime members to order, so that they can use them to order more stuff from Amazon.

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Qualification-based Metamoderation for Reputation Management

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I am very involved in the design of reputation management systems. I don’t code them, but I help my clients develop strategies for how to use them. Either on their own web sites and social media channels or using third party systems like Yelp.

Metamoderation is a key part of many of these strategies. There are too many opportunities for individuals to corrupt single level moderation…

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Instant Gratification

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This article from Jason Hreha at Big Think got me doing some big thinking (sorry, but I had to go there). The basic message of his article is that we have a strong movement in business innovation towards instant gratification. And there are many kinds.

New kinds of products, in which a user can press a button and instantly herald something into the world, are what I call “Instant Gratification Technologies.” They let us get what we want right away.

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Scarcity and The Restoration of Freedom Effect

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Marketers often use the scarcity effect to entice consumers. On-line it is even more common. You can now see tags like “Only 4 left at this price!” next to half the items in the eCommerce store. I saw it yesterday shopping for airplane tickets. Or flash sales with countdown clocks. This study has an intriguing new take on it…