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smart door

DIY Smart Home

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I was really jealous when I read about the way Alexia McKenzie created her own smart home. Not these specific components, but similar ideas that would match my own preferences. I just don’t have the hardware and software skills to pull it off. She installed a sensor that tells her when a letter arrives. A webcam livestreams a view of her doorstep to her phone, so she always knows who’s knocking. As for laundry, she doesn’t bother — don’t you know there’s an app for…

a room full of airplane seats

Custom Airplane Seating

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Fast Company had an article last month that triggered an idea. The original talks about adjustable seating in airplanes that could be more customized than what we have now. They would be set on tracks in the floor so they could move back and forth. When you reserve your seat, you input how much legroom you want so when you get on the plane it is adjusted accordingly…