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Quirky Logo

Quirky’s Hybrid Innovation Crowdsourcing

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There was a recent write-up about the innovation crowdsourcing company Quirky (warning: gated) that shows how the company has developed since it was named as one of the top inventions of 2014. I know I wrote about it back then, but I can’t remember where (and my usually reliable search engine is failing me on this one). My Take When Quirky started, the idea was pretty unique. It started with the typical innovation crowdsourcing model. Users would post ideas and the crowd would vote on…

a model of a small kitchen

Crowdsourcing Microapartments

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First Build is a crowdsourcing platform that works with companies to facilitate R&D. The advantage to the company is that the time from concept to working model is radically shortened. The crowd gets a percent of revenue. In one pilot project, GE Appliances submitted a project for innovations on its washing machine and I think the crowd got 1% of revenue for three years…

a very large crowd of people

Crowdsourcing at Marriott

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I am sure that many EID readers are regular travelers who have stayed in a hotel or two. How many times have you looked around your room or the common areas and thought of ways that things could be done better? Better delivery of food and drink? Better support for working in your room? Better entertainment? A better night’s sleep? Better support for regular customers to build community and long term loyalty?…