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Park & Pedal

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The idea behind this design is quite clever. There are some people who are hardcore cyclists and will ride no matter what. There are even more people who will not bike no matter what. But there are millions of people in the middle who are among the “convertibles”. They are willing to consider it, at least some of the time. But it depends on the weather, the traffic, the convenience, and other factors. It is a simple case of motivational psychology. Perceived coherence of the context, perceived value of the benefits, perceived social status and norms, and so on.

Park & Pedal aims to ease traffic congestion into the city each morning as commuters clamber to make it to their jobs on time.It’s also meant to inspire more people to get out and exercise.

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Turn Signal Bicycle Gloves

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Zackees has developed a new product that might be of interest to anyone in the product design, safety, or surface transportation areas. It is a pair of turn signal gloves for bicyclist that light up along the side when briefly held together. A blinking turn signal pulses at the back of your hand, letting motorists know you’re going to turn or pass, and on which side.

A circuit that lights the gloves brightens when sensors and a set of metal rivets connect. The metal rivets click when they do connect, giving you extra feedback so you know they’ve activated. Holding your thumb and pointer finger together starts the blinking turn indicator. The light turns off when you separate the rivets, or after a preset time so you don’t burn through the batteries because the rivets happen to touch in storage.