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Cognitive Humility and Information Processing

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Misoprostol purchase canada Cognitive Humility is a concept we never talk about in our HF/E education or training, but I think it is much more important than we realize. I am going to define it a little more specifically than either Annie Murphy Paul or David Brooks do.

source site Brooks, the New York Times op-ed columnist, has for the past couple of years taught a course called “Humilty” at Yale… The purpose of the course, according to its description in the catalog, is to study “traditions of modesty and humility in character building and political leadership,” and to explore “the premise that human beings are blessed with many talents but are also burdened by sinfulness, ignorance, and weakness.”…

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Are They Decision Making Heuristics, Biases, or Adaptive Skills?

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buying generic viagra safe Magda Osman, author of the new book “Future Minded”, has a guest blog post up on Scientific American that I wanted to highlight today because it brings up something that I think a lot of HF practitioners struggle with…