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This is Serious Stuff

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Case One: e-signatures The Hidden Brain had an interesting study that highlights the importance of framing. There is a strong trend towards the use of e-signatures to promote ease of signing contracts on digital media. But new research shows that even if the regulations for e-signatures are identical and the security is at least as good as with handwritten signatures, people are more likely to cheat when they use e-signatures to sign a document. Note – this is not a question of a third party…

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Ethics of Nudging with False Information

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This paper got me thinking of an ethical issue that many of us face with cognitive engineering and behavioral design. Part of our mission is to design products, systems, and services to improve user performance and user experience. What if the best way to do that is to provide false information? Is that ethical?

As behavioural sciences are unearthing the complex cognitive framework in which people make decisions, policymakers seem increasingly ready to design behaviourally-informed regulations to induce behaviour change in the interests of the individual and society…