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What Is The Automation Doing? Mode Awareness Problems Catch Tesla By Surprise

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One of the most compelling arguments for introducing autonomous driving vehicles is the potential reduction in injuries and fatalities caused primarily by human error. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, human error accounts for 94% of fatal crashes, and advanced safety technologies can be expected to reduce these numbers substantially.

However, at the end of April this year, there was an incident in which a Tesla Model S, from a parked position, collided with a trailer parked in front of it after the “Summon” autopark feature was activated. With Summon, the driver can exit the car and make it roll slowly forward or backward into a tight parking space using the key or an app. The incident caused only about $700 in damage to the luxury car’s windshield, but this incident might be a symptom of a greater problem.

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Automotive UX Innovation

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I am a little late getting to this one, but it didn’t seem to be time sensitive. In fact just the opposite – Steven Tengler, the author, claims that these are the best innovations in the automotive user experience in his lifetime.

A recent survey by Cisco suggests that automotive UX is lagging behind the technological desires of vehicle owners, but there have been some well-designed successes in the past couple of decades…