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Anxiety Moves You to the Left

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A study by Mario Weick and his team at the University of Kent conducted a study that looked at two variables you might not think are related. He blindfolded his participants and instructed them to talk in a straight line towards a target that he had showed them just before putting on the blindfold. (kind of like pin the tail on the donkey).

Scientists have discovered that feeling anxious makes people begin veering to the left because their right hand side of the brain is so active.
Dr Mario Weick of the School of Psychology at the University of Kent has for the first time linked the activation of the brain’s two hemispheres with shifts in people’s walking trajectories.

Elecrical vehicle charging

2015 Human Factors Prize Winner

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You know that sinking feeling you get when the low fuel light comes on in your car and you are driving down a rural highway in the middle of nowhere? That is range stress – the fear that your car doesn’t have the remaining range to reach the nearest energy source.

Range stress is one of the primary bottlenecks in the spread of battery powered electric cars. Many current models can go almost as far as gasoline powered cars, but if there are no battery stations around, that still doesn’t help. If the range of the battery is 300 miles but there are only public battery stations every 1000 miles . . .