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Filanovsky Victoria of Isreal competes the Individual All-around Qualification of Rhythmic Gymnastics of the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games at Bishan Sports Hall in Singapore

Expert Performance

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There often seems to be a false dichotomy between experts who conceptualize expert performance as an innate attribute emerging from cognitive abilities and personality versus experts who conceptualize it as the result of deliberative practice. Scott Barry Kaufman has recently published a brilliant opinion piece in Frontiers in Psychology where he takes issue with this. In contrast, he describes expert performance as:

A complex interaction of many personal and environmental variables that feed off each other in non-linear, mutually reinforcing, and nuanced ways…

a man running while exerting himself


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I have seen many cases where people choose a strategy that takes more time or more physical effort to save mental effort. This paper used a very simple task to test out the idea.

We asked university students to pick up either of two buckets, one to the left of an alley and one to the right, and to carry the selected bucket to the alley’s end. In most trials, one of the buckets was closer to the end point…