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Email Notifications: User Experience Basics

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follow link Forget, for a moment, what I said a couple of weeks ago. Apparently, companies still need to learn the essentials. One important rule of design, regardless of what industry, sector, or area of expertise you are in, is to take care of needs before you get to wants…

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Emailed Receipts as a Multi-Purpose User Experience Tool

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Ryan Hoover’s blog is a pretty casual take on persuasive design. But he often has some good insights there so I read it regularly. This post on email receipts caught my eye so I thought I would share. “Instinctively, I opened the email, quickly glanced at the charge to verify the dollar amount, and archived it. Later that day I reflected on that moment and thought, ‘What a missed opportunity.’…”

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Persuasive Design in On-line Education

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Ali Rushdan Tariq had a really interesting piece on Nir and Far last month for those interested in persuasive design. It is a review of the education platform Udemy and the design techniques they use to hook users to sign up for more and more courses, even if they never actually attend. “As I clicked the big green “Take This Course” button, I became acutely aware of an uneasy feeling. This would be the 22nd course I’d have signed up for on…”

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Always Know Your User: A Lesson in Social Engineering

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There was a great story this morning on the news that made me think of one of the few Human Factors heuristics that is rarely wrong. Always know your user. Apparently, some hackers wanted to get access to an oil company’s computer network but its security was too good. So instead they added some code to the downloadable menu of a Chinese restaurant that was down the street…

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The Home Team/Away Team Version of User Centered Design

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I wonder what you think of the Home Team/Away Team style of User Centered Design described in this article. “The job of the Home Team is to quickly create designs, then update them based on customer feedback, which is gathered by the Away Teams. Our Home Team–made up of two industrial designers, one graphic designer, and one person who managed communication with the Away Teams–stayed in the office”…

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Do Smartwatches Satisfy a Real User Need or Just a Fun Novelty?

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WIRED magazine recently had a story suggesting that Google is the company that can succeed with smartwatches where others have failed. I completely agree with their justification, but I am still not convinced about the smart watch. “Amidst speculation that Apple’s long-fabled iWatch might in fact be a health-specific wristband, Android Wear is clearly aiming for something much bigger.”…

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Great Example of User Centered Design in Action

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I read the Mail Chimp newsletter, even though I am not a customer, because they occasionally have articles that talk about the human factors issues related to email newsletters. I enjoyed the latest issue because it narrated the story of their design process for Release 9.0, a mistake they made in modifying the functionality, and how they recovered from it…

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User Experience in the Mainstream Media

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It was great to read this interview with Michael Heilemann from Squarespace and Aarron Walter from Mailchimp at Fast Company magazine. The takeaway I want to highlight today is that the way these two tech execs define user experience is very interdisciplinary. It involves every area of human factors. As a quick test, I scanned the list of HFES Technical Groups and I couldn’t find one that wasn’t included and essential in their definition…