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Brain Nebula

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As usual, getting the email with the latest papers appearing in the Human Factors journal is a great part of my day. The January announcement was no different. You know that I am interested in brain stimulation and often share advances from the neuroscience journals that I read. It was very rewarding to see one in Human Factors. And the extra benefit is that it is already focused on human factors applications so describing its usefulness is much interrupted. The authors determine whether transcranial…

a slide of neurons

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There was a great paper in the buy cheap generic Seroquel online that reminded me why I read some pretty diverse journals when I have a chance. In this case, a team of researchers are Harvard review the evidence on mental simulation from both the neuroscience field and the behavioral science field and come to a conclusion that is supported from both ends – establishing some good convergent validity for their ideas…

a woman carving a turkey with a child looking on

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In honor of Thanksgiving, I thought I would provide some warnings about the risks you may want to watch out for as you celebrate the holiday. Since it is a holiday post, I didn’t feel obligated to check for hard statistics on any of these. I am pretty sure that these are well established risks on Thanksgiving…

a baseball in the grass

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Quoting the inimitable Yogi Berra “Baseball is 90 percent mental and the other half is physical,” buy Seroquel brought to my attention a new technology being developed at the best buy Seroquel called the NeuroScout.

Batters facing professional or collegiate pitching must make extremely quick perceptual decisions—a pitch takes only about 600 milliseconds to cross home plate after the pitcher releases it…

the google logo

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I received an email from Lois at HFES headquarters (if you don’t know her, she is one the pillars that makes our Society run), with an intriguing factoid that I thought was a good topic for discussion. We (the HF/E community) are always debating whether there is a difference between human factors and ergonomics and explaining this to our colleagues and friends. Every time I testify, I inevitably get asked the question. Of course, it is just a question of semantics. You can define the two words however you want. You can make them different, overlapping, or identical. But what you think internally isn’t really what is important because we all practice in a real world with preconceived ideas and schema about both “human factors” and “ergonomics”…

a person touching a device screen with one finger

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Today we are taking a break from our usual schedule to present this thought-provoking piece by purchase Seroquel. Peter is a past President of HFES and is currently a professor at the University of Central Florida. I am sitting here, writing this my first blog in the Florida Mall, just outside the two major computer stores, where I have been perusing and contemplating the various touch-activated devices that lie between the traditional laptop and the emerging smartphone. From my perspective, all of these offerings are lamentably slow in their response capacities. Not only do they stutter under my traveling fingers, they are abhorrently inhibitive of cross interaction…

An image of notes and other brainstorming tools

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It was great to read this interview with Michael Heilemann from Squarespace and Aarron Walter from Mailchimp at Seroquel online. The takeaway I want to highlight today is that the way these two tech execs define user experience is very interdisciplinary. It involves every area of human factors. As a quick test, I scanned the list of Seroquel and I couldn’t find one that wasn’t included and essential in their definition…