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3 thoughts on “Intelligence Amplification”

  1. This is a great discussion. Hadn’t seen the two sides to this.

    I think I go with intelligence amplification, but this is something that seems very domain specific.

    If I was in a race, I think I would prefer to race against a person on performing enhancing drugs, rather than race against a machine. It’s a shame that it feels like this is literally what the future will be, machines, or enhanced humans.
    On the other hand there are definitely great benefits in these enhancements.
    Thanks for pointing out the dichotomy we can choose from.

  2. Did you see the latest cheat in cycling? An ingenious designer found a way to hide a small motor inside the body of the bicycle. It only helped a tiny little bit. But because these races are often won by just a second or two, a 1% advantage can be the difference between a gold medal and 10th place.

    This would be amplified muscle exertion rather than intelligence – but fits your example.

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