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3 thoughts on “Improving Communication Through Reverse Power Poses”

  1. I definitely say this is legit. My son is 5, and when I crouch down around his friends so i am the same height they are they all come over and I am the coolest dad in the playground.
    When I’m standing I’m just another parent.

    Like the idea of the jury being higher.

    1. Edward – that is such a simple example, and yet so perfect for it. Especially with kids, it makes you seem not just like you ARE on their level, but that you WANT to be on their level. The motive makes it that much stronger.

  2. Elizabeth Cuddy, of the TED Talk power pose fame, was on On Point this morning and had a great addition to this conversation.

    She emphasized that power poses can be a source of individual confidence that does not take power away from others in the room. It is not a zero sum game. So you can increase your personal power, adding to the total power in the room in a way.

    This reminded me of the research on the ultimatum game which found that confident people are more generous. Taken together, if you use a power pose to feel more confident and end up as also more generous, everyone wins.

    Pretty cool.

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