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Lying Desk

If you like to slouch when you work, this product may be the perfect match for you. Instead of preaching to employees to maintain good posture when working, perhaps it is about time to throw in the towel and design a workstation to match what people are going to do anyway. Isn’t that really what user-centered design is all about?

While the standing desk has become a staple in homes and offices, this ergonomic revolution hasn’t given us an acceptable way to recline flat and still be able to work. And not just lie down, really, but what about all the many micro-positions between standing and sitting?

My Take

A new workstation from Altwork tries to fit the need for workers with all kinds of postures. In fact, they want to fit every working positions, well outside of the standard seated workstation and standing workstation positions. The one that leapt out to me is the lying down position. This position does not mimic working in bed with a laptop. It places the monitor overhead and a full keyboard and mouse just about where it should be for maximum accessibility while in this position. There is a decent GIPHY video showing the flexibility of the system here.

Your Turn

I can imagine all of the pithy jokes that have immediately jumped to your mind about lying down on the job. Please share and give us all a good laugh. But then, consider the idea a little deeper and let us know what you really think about the short and long term implications of giving this much flexibility to the working position. Would we nap if we had a lying position? Or lose our focus?

Image Credit: Altwork

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