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4 thoughts on “Texting While Walking”

  1. I thought “no, duh” also. And yet there is so much research coming out on the subject. For example there was just a paper in Safety Science that found talking to be more distracting than texting and reading, which was more distracting than music.

    Sometimes, the specific details can be informative (just how much the risk increases or how much time is needed or . . . .). In the new Safety Science paper, 10% of pedestrians (averaged across all conditions) were using their phones while crossing the street at an unsignalized intersection and only 3% when there was a signal. I am curious as to why that might be (they didn’t study that question).

    Another interesting finding is that 80% of people using their phones engaged in unsafe crossing behavior while 60% of those not using phones did also.

  2. I wonder if we would have seen so many “duhs” if the results showed something quite different. Many times actual research has prevailed on preoccupied ideas even when we are 100% about these ideas. One thing I have learnt – the hard way – is to always expect the unexpected because one day you will be proved wrong. That being said I am glad the research supports the common understanding that texting is dangerous.

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