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2 thoughts on “Symbols versus Reality in Decision Making and Behavior”

  1. Turns out, there is research like this going on as we speak. And using a method I am totally familiar with and embarrassed to say I didn’t think of before.

    Are you familiar with the research where they test bias by sending resumes with equivalent credentials but some with male names and some with female names? Or some with Caucasian and some with African-American names? It is really the same thing as the LaPiere study.

    A new one just came out that looked at the acceptance of various churches for race. They sent Catholic, Evangelican, and mainstream churches a letter supposedly from a potential new congregant asking about services. Some had Caucasian sounding names and some African-American sounding names. They measure the speed of the response, the length of the response, and a subjective rating of how welcoming it was.

    Perhaps counterintuitively, the mainstream churches were the ones that exhibited racial disparities in their responses. The Catholic and Evangelical churches did not.

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