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One thought on “Salient Myth versus Quiet Reality”

  1. There are three interesting ideas in this post; the nature of leadership, the reverse RPD process, and the role of stories in spreading knowledge.

    The nature of leadership; people talk a lot about this but I rarely read anything that offers insight. I was once tasked with critiquing a leadership program to be taught by the University of Melbourne. It was all about the rational processes of program management and nothing about how some individuals (my dissertation advisor, Stan Roscoe, for example) could stimulate ideas and energy and get people focused in a productive direction and then keep them energised.

    Reverse RPD; to be good at RPD, you need to be an expert in the domain. We are all experts at something and it is easy to drift into the belief that we are expert in other areas as well. That is where this can break down.

    The role of stories in spreading knowledge; it has become popular to promote stories as a vehicle for spreading knowledge. While a good story can make a point, people also use stories to spread disinformation and can be very effective at. Think of the anti-vaccination movement, for example. As another example, think of Malcolm Gladwell. A wonderful storyteller, promoting intriguing ideas, but fast and loose with his evidence. There are many presentation gurus who say you should tell a story when you present. TED has this is one of their presentation commandments. I have a chapter on this in my presentation book (not yet published) and would be happy to share that chapter with anyone who wants to read a little more on this.

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