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Luggage 2.0

If I were to ask you the top 10 features you would like added to your luggage, what comes to mind? Are any of these on your list:

  • Bluetooth enabled lock you can open with your phone (so you don’t need to remember a code).
  • GPS tracking (so you can find it if you lose it, it gets stolen, or if the airline loses it)
  • Built in scale (to make sure it fits TSA limits or as an ergonomic double check for your back safety)
  • A USB port for charging a device (with the added weight of the lithium power source embedded).
  • A built in Wi-fi hotspot

I ask because these are all part of a series of products coming out this year. For example, check these out:

How do these features strike you? There are more too. More high tech features and more brands selling them.

If I fall into the usual consumer trap of thinking “well, maybe I might need that some day” then all features are welcome and valuable. This is why so many products compete on feature lists rather than usability. And why they become so hard to use – feature creep.

On the other hand, if I think a little harder, how much extra will these products weigh and cost? How much more complicated will they become? What if the feature malfunctions and I can’t open my luggage while on the road?

Your Turn

So I thought I would toss it out to you. What do you think about these? Are they attractive? Enough to spend more? Or do you foresee more problems than they are worth?

Let us know.

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One thought on “Luggage 2.0”

  1. We developed an RFID tag for luggage tracking back in 2007. Was envisioned as part of a lan/Wan system for property tracking to mitigate lost and stolen luggage.
    The current WiFi infrastructures don’t quite support the concept but they will in a few years.
    It’s been controversial since human embedded WiFi transponders would also allow for passive personnel tracking a boon for recovering the hundreds of thousands of persons currently lost per annum.

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