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We have covered smart homes many times here. One of the nagging questions we face is whether people really need any of the bells and whistles they provide. The comments from you support that skepticism.

My Take

This might be the app that convinces the average person to adopt some smart home features. Not just for garage doors, but the simple idea of visibility.

If you have a garage, you’ve likely experienced a nagging bout of door doubt at some point. It’s that sinking feeling you get after leaving home, and it starts when you’re about two blocks away: “Did I actually close the garage?” But you’re probably running late and the kids are arguing in the backseat, so it’s no wonder you can’t recall. Until a year ago, you had two choices: Double back and check, wasting precious minutes, or just take the chance that thieves won’t view a wide-open garage as an invitation to help themselves to its contents. Today, however, there’s a third, smarter way to go.

Raise your hand if you have ever left home and wondered if you left the oven on, forgot to close the windows on a rainy day, or some other simple thing that ruins your concentration for the next hour or two. The smart home app I want is a simple one like the MyQ. Let me check on these things from my phone and with one tap compensate for my absentminded or distracted self earlier in the day.

Here are the attributes that I think make it appealing to the luddite.

  • It addresses a pain point that we all experience, luddite and early adopter alike.
  • It is a really simple concept with a really simple process. An image of your house appears on the screen with the connected devices highlighted. One tap on the device in the wrong mode and it switches to the right one.
  • You can also add speech recognition. “Siri, are my windows open? Turn them off!”
  • It leverages two of the most visceral and powerful human motivations: fear and uncertainty. But it doesn’t cause them, it alleviates them.

Your Turn

So am I on to something here? Is simple visibility the answer to the smart home market? Once this is installed, your 12-year old can add the whiz bang features that only she can figure out. But this is what gets mom and dad interested in the first place.

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