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2 thoughts on “Placebos for Your Placebos”

  1. If attention is switched from studying the psychology of the deliberate use of placebos, to focus on the direct physiological effects of all priming actions in general, then placebos can be seen as having a systemic physical role as a filter to the emergent gestalts – hence some seem to work whilst others do not depending on what other shaped behavioural dispositions and filters might be at play at the time. So, perhaps the causal physical sparking dynamic behind any emergent expression perhaps is the place to begin in the study of the ways potential placebo effects are initiated and could perhaps be controlled.

    1. @Marieka: Well said. We cover priming quite frequently here because it can have such a strong influence, in the same way as placebos. I am hesitant to put placebos inside the category of priming but the influences are similar. Priming unconsciously preactivates a mental model so that it is more likely to become fully activated in a subsequent activity. Placebos are conscious and modify a perception – I feel less pain, I feel more smart.

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