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One thought on “Distraction”

  1. I suspect the world’s most successful people simply don’t allow themselves to be distracted – by having gatekeepers of some sort to prevent it. To be successful, writers, musicians, artists, etc. simply must control the degree of distraction in their lives, You can’t write, paint, practice, etc., if you’re always being interrupted.

    Some of things I do to control distraction:

    a) never answer the phone unless I know who is and need/want to speak with them
    b) only use a cell phone for emergencies and don’t give out the number to anyone except immediate family or someone else with an explicit need to know. In fact, my cell phone functions more as a camera for picture-taking during travel, than as a phone.
    c) don’t text, twitter, etc., and severely limit time on social media

    Although I’m still a bit of a slave to e-mail, I try to control/eliminate junk mail, keep off or set listservs to digest, and respond to e-mails that don’t require a response only when I feel it might serve a useful purpose.

    I’ve probably dated myself, but having nice long periods of uninterrupted time, for both work and hobbies, is bliss.

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