GPS Umbrellas

I am a big fan of the Internet of Things. But this is another example of a technology looking for a use case. For both the Davek and the Kisha umbrellas, they use location to guess whether they have been left somewhere and notify the owner. The Blunt waits for you to look for it before helping out.

As consumers become more comfortable with the Internet of Things, a growing number of smart devices are making their lives more convenient, pleasant, and easy. From sleep monitors to robotic personal assistants, technology is increasingly becoming ingrained in our lives in surprisingly subtle ways. The latest category to get the “smart” treatment is umbrellas, which can now do everything from detect the weather to help owners find them.

My Take

They all work in slightly different ways. The Davek uses motion sensors to guess whether it is being used. Then it uses Bluetooth to track its distance from the owner’s phone and sends a notification if it gets too far away. Of course, that assumes you haven’t left your phone somewhere instead. More notifications, just what we need.

The Kisha works similarly, and even checks the weather for you, assuming you are looking at your umbrella app before you know it is raining (and in place of a weather app of course).

The Blunt waits for you to realize it is missing and then it can be found using the Tile app. But it only works within 50-100 feet. I can’t imagine too many people realize they have forgotten their umbrella that quickly. If it is raining, you wouldn’t forget it. And if it is not, you would realize when you got home. Or the next time it rains. And if is within 50-100 feet, there is a good chance you could find it manually.

Your Turn

Now, I have lost umbrellas before so I know it is annoying. But come on. Is this something you would want in your umbrella? Would you pay extra for it? Or would you pay extra NOT to have it!

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