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One thought on “The Role of Ethics in Human Factors Practice”

  1. I think this is an important topic to all professionals in our field due to the nature of our job. (and if you are taking the Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomics). The article does a great job pointing out the fuzzy gray areas involved in ethics, which is why I am more in favor of a panel when it comes to the many questions especially because they have legal ramifications too.

    I want to dive into the fuzzy gray area using the automobile maintenance as an example. Automobile maintenance is tied to people’s economic status, their knowledge of maintenance, the risk associated with not getting the maintenance, and one’s personal responsibility. I would push for a system to alert and inform an individual of the risk of not getting maintenance instead of feeding some sort of government alerting system that someone has slacked on their maintenance. I think that our work should be used to empower people by providing information but not take away our rights or infringe on privacy. My hope is that human factors practitioners only work on design efforts that serves the greater humanity, but I know that is subject to debate.

    Thanks for raising the topic.

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