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2 thoughts on “Frictionless Design”

  1. We moved from Office 2003 to 2013 about a year ago. Wonderful minimalist design… that continually has me shaking my head in annoyance at the nonsense I now have to put up with.
    For example, in Word they make the vertical scroll bar disappear whenever you stop doing anything. That means that, for example, if you want to move the mouse to the scroll bar, you first have to move the mouse. Only then can you see where you need to move it to.
    Good design would have the scroll bar always visible so that you can look where you want to move the mouse to while you’re moving your hand to the mouse. You also can’t tell where you are in a document if you’ve just been reading, say. The scroll bar will have disappeared. Hiding the scroll bar to give a minimalist look has done not an iota of good, as far as I’m concerned.
    This is one of a number of frustrating results from what they’re doing these days. Minimalist design provides no benefits, and causes a significant reduction in functionality.

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