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2 thoughts on “Medical Device Usability”

  1. In answer to your question, I think that there are just too few trained human factors professionals out there to make a difference. Many people doing human factors work on medical devices are not trained human factors professionals; many don’t have the grounding in psychology and human performance to really do a good job of recognizing and dealing with these issues either during the design process or during implementation, and hospitals themselves don’t typically don’t hire human factors people, unless they are very big hospitals.
    And of course, another sad fact is that human factors is not the squeaky wheel that gets the grease. The health IT folks, in particular, have been very slow to realize just how much poorly designed information technology creates risk – to wit, the FDASIA report that basically looked at EHRs as low-moderate risk. Health IT folks have pumped millions if not billions into attempting to solve interoperability and security problems, the former of which, to me, is definitely a lost cause, and the second, maybe, as well. Even if one could achieve interoperability, it would be meaningless (as far as the patient is concerned), as long as we have hospital systems that wouldn’t share their data even if they could. The accurate electronic medical record, therefore, is an impossibility as long people get treated in more than one place and facilities don’t share data. It is a fundamental problem that can’t be fixed as long as health care in this country remains a for-profit, competitive enterprise.
    I could go on, but what REALLY amazes me is how oblivious the public seems to what is going on. I suspect it’s a classic case of “learned helplessness” – they don’t understand the health care system (or even their bills), they do what they are told to get by, and try not to think about it. They have given up. If something bad happens, they think it’s their fault, or just “bad luck.” Similar to the Edward Snowden business – we’ve just sort of accepted that the government can find out anything about us, and that’s the way it is. Or as John Oliver has so “pithily” stated, if you put a picture of your “junk” out there in the ether, you have to assume the NSA (and others) know about it. The only alternative to NOT involuntarily sharing, is to stay completely unconnected. And good luck with that….

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