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ERGO-X Conference of Champions

As most of you probably already know, the EID site is part of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society’s family of services. We strive to cover as many dimensions of HF/E as we can in our limited space and time. That is one of the reasons we had our open forum day and we will do that again. It is also why we point out great HFES events such as UX Day. Today we are happy share another one of these great events, the ERGO-X Conference.

At ErgoX, world-class leaders in the ergonomics field will translate the latest scientific findings and best practices into effective information, procedures, tools, and approaches you can use to improve your work safety and wellness outcomes – all in a unique, user-friendly, and intimate setting.

For anyone who is not familiar with ERGO-X, it is a 2-day single-track conference that highlights prestigious keynote speakers. Each speaker is given an extended block of time so they can provide practical and comprehensive guidance on a specific topic. The lineup this year is the All Star Team of occupational ergonomics. The opening keynote is a team from the Walt Disney Company. There are also featured talks by William Marras speaking on manual material handling, David Rempel speaking about upper extremities, and Jack Dennerlein speaking about office ergonomics. You can download the full program at the conference web site linked above.

The conference also has several innovative and engaging features that I particularly like (and plan to shamelessly copy). There are “spotlight” talks during breaks. There are roundtable discussions during lunch where each table will discuss a specific issue, led by an expert in that issue. And they use a “state your case” format for the poster sessions that reverses the usual flow of information. Individuals present challenging ergonomic problems on their posters and get ideas and suggestions from the audience.

This year, the conference is in Anaheim, CA, starting with a reception on June 17 and technical sessions on June 18-19. I love Anaheim as a conference destination because you can extend your stay to go to Disneyland. Since one of the keynote speakers is from Walt Disney, you can call it work – testing out anything you learn during the talk (full disclosure, I am not giving tax advice or encouraging anyone to pad their expense reports ☺).

I know I have blatantly promoted the conference here today, but I am a fan of the event and of the speakers so please excuse the diversion. And if you are in the ergonomics area, this is really a can’t miss event.

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