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2 thoughts on “Users of Legalese”

  1. There are a few bright spots, where the effort has been made to do a bit better. One of these is the language of consent forms for research. I’m not saying that it’s necessarily widespread, but there ARE research institutional review boards that are very attentive to the readibility of consent documents, seeing it as part of their responsibility to ensure a truly informed consent. But on the whole, I’d agree that not nearly enough effort is placed on good written communication these days unless someone forces the issue. In the medical device industry in which I work, we are starting to see a push towards requiring that instructions for use of medical devices actually be tested in some cases, to ensure that target population not only understands them but can actually execute them correctly, because we’ve seen instances where the instructions themselves were responsible for errors…sometimes fatal ones.
    But as for other legalese, we sign stuff or agree to stuff that we don’t understand (and/or don’t even agree with) because it’s the only way to reach a goal. The consent for treatment forms that hospitals and clinics use are, perhaps, the best example. Doesn’t matter if you understand what’s being said or if you agree with it, if you don’t sign the form, you can’t get treatment for whatever is ailing you. So why bother? It is the height of hypocrisy, and the system chooses to be blind to it. We are a culture so used to companies and organizations “protecting their butts” that we just automatically assume that’s the purpose of all the legalese, so we just sign on the dotted line.
    Personally speaking, I used to at least scan any agreement (especially online ones) that I ever signed/agreed to – usually to make sure there were no hidden costs, fees, etc. that I’d not been forewarned about, but I honestly can’t say I do it 100% of the time any more – it takes time and there are just too many of them. If the source of the agreement is well-known to me, and I’ve signed agreements of that nature with them before (e.g, a car rental company), I may not bother.
    We are a highly litigious country, much, much more so than almost anywhere else in the world. We’re jaded and cynical, and with good reason. I wonder to what extent this “attitude,” if you will, extends to people in other parts of the world, where you can’t sue just anybody for any little thing.

    1. Thanks for your response Daryle. I agree with you 100%. The CYA instinct is also a big part of it. I was discussing this with a colleague just the other day. Any risk-averse organization would probably prioritize covering their risk exposure over user informativeness, let alone user protection. I also find myself reading these policies less and less every year. Some day, I am sure that will come back to haunt me.

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